Dispensing Systems for Nuclear Med

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CLIO is a standalone automatic dispensing system compliant with cGMP guidelines for radiopharmaceuticals. The main purpose is to dispense FDG like radiotracer, but can be used, upon technical evaluation, for different tracer isotope or molecules. Find...

ARGO is an automatic dispensing system for vials. The equipment has been designed and produced to dispense radiotracers used in PET and SPECT diagnosis and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

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Timotheo LT
The TIMOTHEO LT system has been designed for the automatic filling of sterile vials with radiopharmaceuticals, without piercing the vial plugs. The machine is able to open the sterile vials, then fill, cap and crimp them. The system is housed inside...
TIMO 2 is a semi-automatic dispensing system that makes use of components and software developed and adopted by COMECER on ALTHEA PC automatic fractionators. TIMO 2 dispensing system allows the fractionation of radiopharmaceuticals in single-dose...
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