Equipment Maintenance Solution

Procurement and supply of equipment from all principals.

Civil works at installation sites.

Installation of medical diagnostic equipment.

Maintenance agreements for medical equipment covering:

  • 24X7 support services for our installed equipment.
  • Fault diagnosis and remedies.
  • Replacement/Repair of defective equipment from foreign trained engineers.
  • Periodic preventive maintenance of the equipment.

Installation and maintenance services related to 3rd party support devices required for our principal equipment (Injectors, Imagers, Allied Medical Equipment, UPS, Generators, Chillers, Air conditioners etc.).

Consulting services for environmental conditions (Humidity, Temperature control) required for optimal performance of medical systems.

Supply of consumables required for medical systems (Cryogens, Cables, Leads, Printing Papers, Recording Media, DVD/CD, Films and Other disposable items).